On the road the individual seizes the opportunity presented by staying in one place for a known number of days. We had our mail sent to the local post office in city of Joshua Tree. A precarious choice using the post office these days. Since the last parcel sent out didn’t reach its destination going on three weeks now.
We meandered across Joshua Tree Park enjoying the first warm day we’d seen in awhile. Mild, blissful blue skies washed with wisps of clouds.
Our package surprisingly arrived and Kurt wanted to find a fault line from an earthquake. Could not locate this dirt road that was shifted from the quake and other landmarks appeared repaired. Note: ideas like these are brought to you by books. Geology books.
Meanwhile we intersected with the very busy local police several times. Our first police chase in the California wilds. They were after a purple haired woman in a sport utility vehicle.
To be continued…

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