Kurt and I finally, finally left 29 Palms behind us. 29 Palms has become an energy vortex for us, like Flagstaff and Las Vegas… inescapable.
But we have for now absconded. (Did get one more drive rolling through Joshua Tree National Park at sunset, that was at least nice).

For our first official untethered night we camped out on a playa. I’ve discovered these dry lake beds to be one of my favorite types of geological formation to visit and photograph. The colors are spectacular at each end of the day and the textures are rich yet simple.

What to do for our first post kitten-stress adventure?
Death Valley.
Caveat: I’m thinking there was an easier way to get to our destination, maybe longer, but probably easier, I think there might be something pathologically wrong with us in this way we find the most difficult routes. We drove straight through Death Valley passing up the more popular southern end attractions and campgrounds. The further North the less traffic. We took a gravel road that announced itself as 45 miles to something. That briefly turned to a paved road towards the end, before we turned off for another ten miles of washboard gravel… did we learn our lesson last year with the off-road adventure to the sailing stones? No. Uh ah. Nope. Not at all. We’re even discussing going back.

Waiting at the end of the road for us: tucked under the blue-violet shadows of the Eureka Sand Dunes and the surrounding pale violet mountains, a small campground with bats flitting around it in the dusk.
And a disaster inside the camper. The popcorn escaped its jar in the cabinet, but not the jar, just all of the popcorn. The TV came off the wall, not the TV mount, the back of the TV broke off and I found the TV on the floor. Various other objects on the floor: everything from the medicine cabinet, the new cat litter traveled from one end of the camper to the other, paper cups jumped out of their home and scattered… and some of the spice jar lids popped off.

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