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Taryn Okesson: Artist

From Nature I am Inspired

My art work is me trying to capture the world around me with my whole self. Living in the wilderness I get to have experiences with wild animals that people just twenty miles away will never have. In the current adaptation of my life I am living the quiet life. My drive to most places brings me past dilapidated mine ruins, run down homes, and nearly abandoned towns. My greatest joys outside of art are birdwatching and gardening. In contrast past renditions of my world were full of strife and instability.

The gift of quiet allows me to create works about that woodsy world filled with symbolism, animals, textures and Mother Lake Superior. In my day to day I collect the moments and objects that impact me with my camera and then revisit them for inspiration or as source material. I work in a range of media from Lino-cut block prints, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, up-cycled objects, ink drawings and digital photography.

I experiment with new techniques and media, always challenging myself to learn. My mind wants to gobble up new places, new stories, new ideas, new challenges. And that is where I leave this statement at, I am very soon on to a new lifestyle and I believe my work will reflect all my new experiences.