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Taryn Okesson b. 1982

Taryn was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She always explored her creative urges with abandonment. Taryn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Michigan University in 2009.

Shortly afterwards she settled into a quiet life in the woods with her husband. In 2017 Taryn turned her focus towards artistic pursuits again. She and her husband worked to build a reclaimed studio space in the garden, rebuilding an existing shed. They used re-claimed windows, rough cut lumber, and corrugated steal.

Early in 2018 she joined the Marquette Artist Collective as it was just getting started and took on the Public Relations role. She played a pivotal role in helping to grow the organization. Taryn worked alongside other artists on opening the passion project The Gallery: Marquette Artist Collective in downtown Marquette, MI.

In mid-2019 Taryn is on her way to new adventures…