Road 100 Day ProjectPhotography

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts from traveling across country: October 30, 2019- March 26, 2020.

It was a long process deciding what we were going to do after my husband lost his job due to downsizing. None of the options seemed palpable. Then he suggested to we go on the road without a plan and see where it leads.

As we prepared to leave I was looking for a way to make art while we traveled. Polaroids always fascinated me and several of the artists in the Marquette, MI community had been working with them. I enjoyed the nostalgic experience to the works. I also came across larger Polaroid print work at the Art Institute of Chicago earlier in 2019.

It all clicked in place when I found the Polaroid Lab. I could source material from my Nikon via my iPhone. Very often these were the same images I posted to my Instagram as regular digital files. I was unintentionally slowing down the Instagram experience. And going in reverse, from digital back to analog. Adding back in the imperfections worked out by digital photography.

Sometimes I wouldn’t have the ability to set up to print for a while and as my memory became fuzzy it was harder and harder to figure out where and when I took which photos. I’d piece the puzzle together using Instagram posts, conversations, and geotags in my iPhone. I decided early on that because of how human memory works, I will not try to keep them in any order when I put them in my website gallery or show them.