100 Day Project: Last Two Days

100 Day Project, Projects

Day 99: April 29

Pacing myself. I thought when I started this I wouldn’t care how many pieces I made, then I figured fifty would be a fine number. As it became clear that I was averaging one a day, even if that’s not exactly when I finished them, I decided to shoot for 100 pieces.

Day 100: April 30

I thought I’d bring this project to a close the same way I opened it: with a self portrait. 100 pieces. 100 Days. A road trip across the country home. A pandemic. Strange times. Bittersweet.

100/100 Days

100 Day Project: Week 3

100 Day Project, Projects

Day 15: February 5:

There is no escape from the wind. That was the only inspiring thought as I doodled my way through windswept mountains this morning.

I observe, again, that I don’t work linear. A little on this, a little on that, go back to something else when I’m struck. I think I should adopt this way of working permanently. I am able to just put one piece down that is irritating me until I have a better idea for it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2020 Progress photo. Faber-Castell black ink pen and ceramic stucco texture on paper.

Day 16: February 6

Process shot from Thursday, February 6, 2020. Faber-Castell Black Ink pen, White and Yellow Ochre Acrylic Paint thinned with water, Cotton Thread and Ceramic Stucco Texture.

I had a thought during our very long bumpy drive yesterday about what makes me an artist. Doing art of course, but I also thought about those times in school when you get in trouble and the teacher makes you write a sentence 100 times. There is where I was inspired to begin this day. Write it out over and over “I am an artist.” And then cover it up in art.

But now I am second guessing where I took the piece. Should I have stuck with white? Do I like the yellow ochre? I don’t know. I’ve been considering creating a color palette to work from so my future works look cohesive. A color palette inspired by nature. Will that be too limiting for me? Or is it an element that I need to explore? I noticed that many photographers are changing up the look of their photographs so much they look so different from reality. And there are infinite possibilities to creating a personal brand in artwork with color. This would mean letting go of reality a little more and being flexible in how I approach subjects. It could force me to being more creative with my pieces.

Day 17: February 7

Using hypnotism to trick people into trusting him, so he can come cause chaos.

When the truck is broke down in Death Valley it is all art time. I did a lot more yesterday after checking in. I tried to work on my other project, the polaroid emulsion lifts. One of the lifts went bad and went towards the 100 Day project. By this morning it was dry and I could add line work. I devoted the rest of my day to the dreaded scanning of said polaroid project. Much of that time just to get the technology to work right and then settling in for rhythm of scanning… not done.

Back to that repurposed emulsion lift. It was coming off the plastic in pieces so I decided to use it to see what they looked like over a textured surface, this one being painted fabric. It was a challenge. The paper curled unexpectedly due to being painted on one side and I was trying to place parted out emulsion. THEN the cat walked across the prints I had drying and one of them did a disappearing magic trick. gone to the ether! I still cannot figure it out. I watched it go… but where??? I checked all the paws and between the toes too.

Started to bring this one to life. A failed Polaroid transfer experiment.

Day 18: February 8

Whenever we are done with our chores. And I’m done scanning in the polaroids. I’m thinking about trying out some pieces based on emotional advice like “The Four Agreements.” It isn’t the art I ultimately want to make, but it’s the art I suddenly want to make right now. I’ve been frustrated with how I feel when I lose people. Even if it is just online friendships. I’ve always gotten very sore over rejection from people and I think it maybe time to explore that. When my anxiety was undiagnosed and out of control I had difficulty identifying people’s responses towards me. I found all reactions hostile. So I withdrew and delved into self loathing, where I occasionally visit. Now I am still challenged by social cues. My desire for connection with people often has the effect of repellent. At 37 I’m still trying to understand and navigate social situations. It’s like I was stunted emotionally by social anxiety and I’m just now learning things I should have learned as a child. But as a child I was forced to grow up fast in other ways… but that’s a different subject.

Day 19: February 9

Yesterday’s idea didn’t get past getting four pieces of paper out and labeling them. I’ll let those four agreements simmer.

Today I decided to use the backing of my paper pads because one) I’m running out of paper and two) after last nights podcast about artist Phil Hansen only finding inspiration when being constrained by his materials. I guess I can let go of being so particular about my work surface and having the entire of the 100 Day Project be cohesive just from working on one specific paper surface. Spread your creative wings Taryn.

Starting with a white acrylic base on the cardboard backing.
I wasn’t a fan of that blue. I banish thalo blue!
Seeing what happens if I overlay those bold lines with a mix of acrylic burnt sienna and ceramic stucco texture.

Day 20: February 10

Today I scrounged for surfaces to start three images with a longhorn skull based on a photograph I took in New Mexico. All of them started with same image. We’ll see how they diverge in texture, color and technique.

Day 21: February 11

Today’s gathered insight (source: The Jealous Curator Podcast) making a list of my personal visual vocabulary. Wow. I mean, that’s part of what I’m trying to do here is understand and articulate my motivations! But a list? I love lists. I’m going to have to do this. How incredibly exciting and dull to deconstruct every element of my work. I’m sure they diligently tried to teach this in college, and I, in equal stubborn amounts didn’t absorb the lesson.

Burnt sienna, white and black acrylic thinned with water, Faber-Castell black ink pen. Combining the meditative line making with Raven image.
Week 3 completed Images (I think they are done at least)
Week 3 started/in progress pieces.

My 100 Day “Rules”

  • Use the blog to reflect on the work daily, posting content weekly.
  • Work at a 5 x 7 size on paper
  • Multi-media works
  • Use inspiration from travels, literature, and anywhere else I can.
  • Explore elements I work with already. See where it goes. Reflect on what those elements mean.

100 Day Project: Week 1

100 Day Project, Projects

January 20, 2020

I have considered the 100 day project a little more.

  • Use the blog to reflect on the work daily, posting content weekly.
  • Work at a 5 x 7 size on paper
  • Multi-media works
  • Use inspiration from travels, literature, and anywhere else I can. I am an omnivore and a scavenger.
  • Explore elements I work with already. See where it goes. Reflect on what those elements mean.

Day 1: January 22

Where to start? With procrastinating of course! So I opened my new book titled: A big important Art Book; Now With Women, and the first thing it did was prompt an exercise doing self portraits. So why not start there? But first I have to lay the ground work.

  • Made a template instead of measuring each piece of paper.
  • Playing with texture by laying the paint down differently on each paper.
  • I didn’t paint each paper yet, just enough to get started. Don’t want to lock myself in.
  • I started working this way on the sketchbook project. (I am in the digital sketchbook library). I really enjoyed the results of those mixed-media pieces. I have four sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library, three mixed media. I enjoyed doing them and knowing they are there in Brooklyn, New York being seen. I get emails notifying me.

Day 2: January 23

I picked up again last night, excited by the self portrait. I’ve been doing polaroid emulsion lifts to document my travels and new film was delivered last night. I printed from my polaroid lab and chose one of the papers layered with acrylic. (was wondering about that texture and the Polaroid Transfer for some time).

At first I tried to pencil in words around the image.

Scrapped that idea real fast.

I decided to combine the polaroid portrait with an original love: ink doodling. The gatekeeper that launched my head and heart back into art making. I am pleased with the balance.

  • Strathmore 400 mixed-media paper 186 lb
  • Titanium white acrylic paint
  • Self Portrait taken with iPhone
  • Printed with Polaroid lab on I-type 600 film
  • emulsion lift process
  • Faber-Castell ink pen

I tend to hate images of myself, I was drawn to one that was just a partial of my face. I edited it to black and white to see how the color of the film would interpret it in print. This time it came out nearly sepia. In the drawing portion I added spiral symbols. Something I’m drawn to subconsciously and consciously.

Lifting image in water onto paper.
Image after drying and working on it.

Day 3: January 24

All the ideas I had swirling around my head fell out somewhere. I turned to doodling on the paper I prepared. Four ink doodles. Two with a white acrylic ground, two without. They’ll be the start for something, I just don’t know what yet. Doing ink line work is meditative and intuitive. I can disappear into the flow until my brain is inspired. Nothing this early morning. It’ll come.

Day 4: January 25

96 bottles of beer on the wall, 96 bottles of beer… I’ve never once gotten past about 90 in that song. I am too distractible.

I’m still feeling stuck. I painted thalo blue grounds, experimenting with the acrylic application. I have been impatient to try oil pastels over acrylic. It is not my favorite piece. Doesn’t feel like me. Maybe I’ll feel better about it in the future.

  • Strathmore 400 mixed-media paper 186 lb
  • Thalo Blue acrylic on paper
  • White posca pen
  • Oil pastel
Trying to capture the essence of the saguaro at night.

I think my second experiment of the day was more successful at combining old and new ideas with different media.

  • Strathmore 400 mixed-media paper 186 lb
  • Thalo blue acrylic ground
  • Faber-Castell black ink pen
  • White Posca pen
  • Oil pastel
The thought in my head while doodling: connect my old style of working with a new way.

Day 5: January 26

Today I am keeping the theme of connections going. All day I kept it in my head to get back to the camper and pick up one of the pieces I ink doodled on dry paper (I ran a small test to see if it would stand up to submerging in water). I wanted to use one of the photographs I took of the spiral petroglyphs and combine it with the spiral doodle. Letting it dry overnight now.

Today I also picked up an art print by Raina Gentry that I admired both for its differences from my work and its similarities. I am reminded that I need to give myself permission to make the art that I want to make and to quit second guessing myself.

Day 6: January 27

I bounced last nights experiment off of my husband. He did not like it, so I decided this morning to push it further and then asked him again. “I don’t get it.” I don’t know if that means it’s genius or crap, but I find the results interesting enough to keep. Maybe even continue to push further.

  • Strathmore 400 mixed-media paper 186 lb
  • Faber-Castell black ink pen
  • Black and white polaroid
  • Nikon D7200 image using iPhone to Polaroid Lab print
January 26-27 experiment with lines and polaroid emulsion lift. Idea: connection.

Day 7: January 28

One week feels like an accomplishment. Ninety-three days to go. I did a little more with line work on one of the thalo blue painted papers with a white Posca pen. I believe I intuitively did this in response to doing so much line work in black ink. Then I spread out my weeks work for a look. (After spraying the pieces using oil pastel with a fixative).

First Week. Top row: probably finished pieces, middle row: mid-thought, last row: potential.