100 Day Project, Art Journal

Days 64 – 70

100 Day Project: Day 64 March 25, 2020

Started three new pieces last night playing with plant textures. Added paint today. Flattening the collected plant material in my sketchbook helped. Still awful to work with.

100 Day Project: Day 65 March 26, 2020

I can work freely now that I am home. First I had to make a trip through the snow to the camper each time I needed something. But mostly I don’t feel like it. I start and stop. All day. Starts and stops. And staring. I’m exhausted from the drive across the country. I’m emotionally exhausted from the this world turned upside-down. I’ve begun a new blog writing ritual to get me through without the travel writing.

100 Day Project: Day 66 March 27, 2020

Art work is the last thing I feel like doing. I feel like I’m resting on the work that came before and I think that’s ok right now. I’m just showing up for now.

100 Day Project: Day 67 March 28, 2020

Tossed some paint on a piece I wasn’t going to. Glad I did. Started a second canvas based on the works I’ve done in the 100 Day Project.

100 Day Project: Day 68 March 29, 2020

I lost a day somewhere. I don’t know how. I thought this was (today) March 30.

100 Day Project: Day 69, March 30, 2020

Creative block this morning. Not even doing lines helped. Maybe later. The canvasses go better.

100 Day Project: Day 70, March 31, 2020

These texture studies are infuriating▪️

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Process photograph of 100 Day project journey with Marquette Michigan visual artist Taryn Okesson. mixed media acrylic on paper.
Days 70/100

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