100 Day Project, Art Journal

Days 71 – 77

100 Day Project: Day 71 April 1, 2020

I’m struggling to maintain interest amid everything.

100 Day Project: Day 72 April 2, 2020

Productive. But, I’m not sure this is the direction I want to go? I continue to play with plant textures. But maybe I’d rather get back to skulls and ravens???

100 Day Project: Day 73 April 3, 2020

Feeling trapped by this direction. Definitely. Will have to break free of it soon.

Just when I felt over it all. Inspiration. I found a feather floating around my house. A new experiment.

100 Day Project: Day 74 April 4, 2020

Interesting results today. I am placated.

However. I don’t know that I’ll commit to a hundred days of anything again. 27% of the year. That’s a lot of days. A lot. Look what can happen to the world in 100 days. I’m a commitmentphobe (is that a word?) and I fell for that optimistic feeling seventy some days ago that said: you have time to commit, it’ll be fun. Maybe it’s that I feel I’ve learned what I set out to learn, with twenty-five days to go… what investment am I making with my time now?

100 Day Project: Day 75 April 5, 2020

I lost a day again??? I guess I didn’t have an important breakthrough.

100 Day Project: Day 76 April 6, 2020

I brought in fallen oak leaves. They are a nightmare to work with. But something new.

100 Day Project: Day 77 April 7, 2020

Working up to it today▪️

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Process photograph of 100 Day project journey with Marquette Michigan visual artist Taryn Okesson. mixed media acrylic on paper.
Days 77/100

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