100 Day Project, Art Journal

Days 78 – 84

100 Day Project: Day 78 April 8, 2020

I promise I worked on it.

100 Day Project: Day 79 April 9, 2020

Where do the days go! Blink and they cascade. Playing more with feathers.

100 Day Project: Day 80 April 10, 2020

Feathers. I found my bag of feathers to explore.

100 Day Project: Day 81 April 11, 2020

I should probably do something about posting last week.

Ok… I did it! I really procrastinated on that one. Other than that hurdle… still playing with feathers.

… and was inspired and industrious today. That’s the lesson isn’t it. To just keep showing up day after day. Through all the mood variations and life obstacles.

100 Day Project: Day 82 April 12, 2020

Take the productivity when it comes. Because it goes. I cannot do anything right today! I throw in the towel.

100 Day Project: Day 83 April 13, 2020

A very late start today. I mean my days flipped somewhere. I have an hour left in the day to do something.

Another successful Day in Isolation.

100 Day Project: Day 84 April 14, 2020

I don’t have to love everything that I create▪️

Next: Days 85 – 91

Process photograph of 100 Day project journey with Marquette Michigan visual artist Taryn Okesson. mixed media acrylic on paper.
84/100 Days

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