Where There Is a Road

Mojave Weird

It snowed in southern Utah. It snowed across Arizona. It may have snowed in Death Valley. We left St. George and drove west-ish directly through a frosting covered frigid Las Vegas.

That can’t be right?

We decided to take the scenic route through Death Valley on our way further south. Kurt cut in at Beatty, Nevada and started the dramatic descent down into the Valley. We found the higher elevations at the northern end of Death Valley sprinkled with snow. Surprisingly there was more traffic than I expected. With no camping in this removed location where were all these people coming from? (Until January 28, 2021 Death Valley was closed to camping because of California’s Covid-19 restrictions). We camped outside of the of the Park boundaries in Panamint Valley. In the morning we were greeted by a pair of curious ravens circling the campsite, pecking at the dirt.

We followed desolate backroads ever further south through wasteland towns. Spent the night in a lava field. (One sign of rumble and I swear we were out of there). First we tried staying outside of a one small bedraggled town but the ground was uneven and there was a feeling.” I subscribe to “feelings.” They are the parts of our brain working underneath our consciousness. Kurt said he didn’t like the place and although we were having an off day all I could say was thank you, let’s go.

From lava fields in the morning to Twentynine Palms in the evening. That wasn’t our original destination, but our roads were closed. It was a a beautiful day in the desert though. And I’m fascinated by the things the desert people do. To be continued…


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