Where There Is a Road

Peter and John Doe in Berdoo Canyon

We needed eggs, obviously we took a dusty dirt trail out of Joshua Tree National Park. Left the camper around 10:00 am and headed for the Geological Trail and then took the Berdoo Canyon Trail marked with a stern warning: 4×4 recommended, people die in the desert, towing costs as high as $1,000, make the right choice. That sounded absolutely perfect. Kurt did say he loved my sense of adventure this morning.

The first hint that the Berdoo section could get rough was a fluid trail (transmission? oil?) originating at a large rock sticking up in the road. Nothing Baby Grey Whale need worry about.

Around the next turn though things got rougher. Boulders tucked into the road created cliffs for vehicles. Kurt got out to walk the road. I was near the truck taking photos when around the corner appeared not Kurt, but a stranger, a young man.

Peter and his friend John Doe. Together we maintained that road section for traversing, I figure the County owes us all a good hour of labor for filling the crevices with rocks and sand. They nimbly took their Rav-4 through and then Kurt drove BGW across our rocky engineering. And, as though in a comedy, five dirt bikes and a jeep pulled up behind us. Of course.

At nearly 4:00pm made it back to the camper with zero eggs▪️


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