Where There Is a Road

Days of Nothing

There are more of these in between days than the ones of memories. The days that crumble to dust even before your head hits the pillow.

One day I’m left at the camper under the eye of the Eureka Dunes while Kurt drives into the nearest town to air the truck tires back up. Lesson learned about being stuck in sand; deflate tires to 25 lb pressure, problem: that is not good for towing a camper. One day gone to one mission. I read a book and listened to the sounds of rowdy young men set up camp.

One day spent traveling to the nearest town with laundry, Lone Pine. Eating Pizza in the truck while we waited for the clothes to dry. Camping at a campground not entirely open yet. No water, no dump station. The mountains are majestic and have veins of white running down from their tops. A local rest-stop attendant said it’s been dry, the mountains should be solidly snow capped. This new landscape is a feast for the senses.

We learn about Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills. We are there for less than 24 hrs. It’s the Western Movie filming location. Maverick, The Postman, Tremors, Gladiator. It might be the reason I was super confused about my expectations around Texas.

Another day of travel, then chores (fuel, fill water, dump tanks, groceries). On our way we passed a memorial. Kurt asked me to look it up. It appeared “prison-like.” Manzanar Memorial. A reminder of what we are all capable of. A Japanese-American internment camp from WW2.
Camp tonight is on top of a volcanic table▪️


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