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Art Artist Paintings For Sale Online Original Art by Marquette MI artist Taryn Okesson

I am happy to welcome you to my website. I am Taryn Okesson a visual artist from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I was five I wanted to be a princess, but making art and bringing home stray cats came in as close seconds for favorite things.

Since the princess gig didn’t work out I kept making art. Today I am working with acrylics and mixed-media paintings. Subjects range from a study of the cat to inspiration from the southwest. My works are rich in textures.

If you are here to look at my portfolio this is the link that will bring you to that page.

For people visiting my website looking to purchase original artwork or prints please follow this link to my shop or check out the limited listings I have on Etsy.

I am accepting commission requests through February 2024. For information about commissioning an artwork from me or for information about my installment plan follow these links.

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