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Marquette Michigan 49855 Art Artist Paintings For Sale Online Original Art by Marquette MI artist Taryn Okesson

Welcome to the website for visual artist Taryn Okesson.

Contemporary representational paintings by mqt artist Taryn Okesson. Marquette Michigan artist. 49855 art for sale.

Okesson is an artist from Marquette, MI and graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2009 with a BFA in Fine Arts. She and her husband traveled on the road through Covid. It was those experiences and years that influenced the artist that Okesson is now.

Local artist Okesson in Marquette Michigan, art and prints available online for sale. Paintings for sale by Marquette Michigan visual artist Taryn Okesson. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Recently Okesson dived into a new series of paintings about the feline form and our personal relationships with cats.

Taryn Okesson contemporary artist in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Midwest. Paintings for sale. Marquette MI.

Taryn Okesson’s artwork and prints are available through this website and Etsy. Okesson currently has artwork in the Marquette Michigan art gallery: Presque Isle Station Studio and Gallery.

Fine art paintings by Marquette Michigan Artist Taryn Okesson. Michigan Artist. Midwest. Cat Paintings. Contemporary Wildlife. Contemporary Art. Available to shop online direct from the artist.Marquette MI. 49855.