Taryn Okesson was born in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Devil’s night 1982. Family tragedies overshadowed her childhood but Taryn found salvation and happiness in creating art early on in her life. Eventually she graduated with a fine arts degree from Northern Michigan University in 2009.

Experience with her father’s cancer stimulated her interest in caring for people during their end of life journey, working first in home health care and then in a nursing home until 2019. During this period she volunteered with an artist collective in Marquette, MI that organized and opened their own gallery. Taryn found success with her sales and learning new techniques. By autumn 2019 she and her husband arranged their lives to travel the United States by RV, where Taryn picked up new influences for her work.

Taryn’s work is inspired by animal symbolism, life/death cycles and the unique interconnectedness of the natural world. In her travels she collects samples of objects and textures and keeps a catalog of her own photographs to create art from. Taryn likes to build a unique texture palette for each work, connecting pieces together with experiences she has had. An interdisciplinary artist, her media include; photography, ink, acrylic and mixed-media paintings. Taryn’s eye is always roving, watching, absorbing what she sees for later synthesis in her next artistic project.

Marquette Michigan Visual Artist Taryn Okesson in her art studio.
Taryn Okesson in her art studio