Artist Statement

Art to Connect With

I make acrylic paintings and I experiment with mixed-media elements. I am interested in the theory of biophilia: the hypothesis of the human instinct to connect with nature. I am also interested in exploring Wabi Sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that celebrates impermanence. This shows up in my work through the use of reclaimed distressed fabrics and natural ephemera.

My goal is to apply each medium in a way that emphasizes the texture of the materials. I imagine each piece to be an amalgam of ideas and experiences funneled through me to tell a story about the subject. 

When I was a child, I drew cats and animals, trying to capture their essence. Later, I used art to express my emotions but I returned to the quiet subject of nature as I became more peaceful.

I collected textures in the form of photographs to use in Photoshop during my BFA studies. I continue to use photography to collect textures and reference materials. But I also collect natural ephemera.

My curiosity about fabrics and threads began in childhood when I attempted to create outfits for dolls and continued even as I failed at learning to sew.

My paintings have been described as peaceful and I would like to take that feeling with me into the future through color and subject choices. I am looking to work larger and explore more varied materials. I am also exploring the Lake Superior shores for inspiration from home.

-Taryn Okesson

visual artist, mixed media acrylic painter and photographer Taryn Okesson in her art studio Marquette County, Michigan Studio.
Taryn Okesson in her studio