100 Day Project, Art Journal

Days 85 – 91

100 Day Project: Day 85 April 15, 2020

The end is nigh! Nigh! I’m so excited. It’s like a light went on. I’m seeing possibilities on blank paper today.

100 Day Project: Day 86 April 16, 2020

Why didn’t I find paint circles sooner in this process? Decided to use extra paint left over in a circle and it went down a new rabbit hole.

100 Day Project: Day 87 April 17, 2020

lines. If I learned nothing else, I learned to sooth myself by making lines and letting my headspace fall away. That lesson I do not want to lose. When I’m stuck. I can just make lines until I unstick. And the exercise rarely fails. It’s soothing and loosens my creativity.

100 Day Project: Day 88 April 18, 2020

I’m stuck on my painting so I’m using the 100 Day to work out a problem. That’s a new development.

100 Day Project: Day 89 April 19, 2020

Exploring whatever I feel at this point. Trying not to overthink.

100 Day Project: Day 90 April 20, 2020

Not exactly productive. Feeling stuck at the same stage on all pieces. Meanwhile I’m completely engrossed in stripping a canvas for reuse.

100 Day Project: Day 91 April 21, 2020

Oh… wow! Wow! Wow! I cannot believe we are here▪️

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Process photograph of 100 Day project journey with Marquette Michigan visual artist Taryn Okesson. mixed media acrylic on paper.

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