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How To Be An Artist

I came across Jerry Saltz on social media, completely oblivious to his status in the New York art world. Of course I barely paid attention to the world at large as anything more than an abstract concept not attainable for me. (Hint: you make room for yourself where you need to be).
Down an internet rabbit hole I’ve been. Soon after following Saltz I found I liked many of his posts and became curious about his book. Especially after I was retweeted…

Yeah. That got me even more curious. Who was this behemoth of the New York art scene?
It’s a quick read. Some Goodreads reviewers criticized it for not going deeper. I find that authors that push books for publisher page requirements become redundant (did I mention redundant?). I didn’t mind it’s brevity.

Most of all I enjoyed reading the articulation of the art process I haven’t quite found words for myself. I think I would have found this book most useful during earlier periods of my life when I was seriously doubting myself. Yes, I think so. This could’ve been the pat on the back to keep going that I wasn’t getting.

Read this if you need someone to support your artistic endeavors. Jerry Saltz has words of encouragement for you▪️

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