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On a summery September 1, the first Thursday of the month, I hauled myself away from my own projects to enjoy an afternoon in Marquette. This was the second to last “First Thursday” of the season and I wasn’t sure if I’d be around for the last one. The day was brilliantly blue, warm and sunny, perfect for many, a little much for Autumn people. Though, who can really complain with our seasons, and winter coming in hot.

What are First Thursdays?

If you are unfamiliar with the event, you still have a chance to get out in September. Communities and cities around the country hold similarly titled and organized events. One evening a month art-centric businesses and boutiques remain open later, feature artists in house, maybe even working their craft. These events are amazing to attend in strange cities, getting to talk to a number of artists and galleries in a few short hours. Buying art that isn’t mine. Having First Thursdays organized in my own backyard is a slice of decadent forbidden cake. And I’ll tell you a secret, there’s a concentration of skilled creatives here in Marquette.

For Marquette’s First Thursdays find everything you need here, including maps.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss October

October is the best month of the year.

And artists are what make a community vibrant. Not every community appreciates the arts like Marquette does. The ones that do continue to grow into themselves. Places like Bisbee, Truth or Consequences, and Jackson Hole.

While I don’t know what or who the galleries have lined up for October I can talk a little about September.

I started out at Presque Isle. (Because I was dropping off prints, hot off the press, to (Presque Isle Station). I stopped at Niik Creative and met her guest photographer Dustin Burkman. Starting at Presque Isle was genius because I didn’t have to go out of my way to make a stop for Stella Larkin’s shop Rustico Furniture and Graci Gallery with his guest potter William Thompson. Next on my must visit list was MidSky Gallery; to-date only open during First Thursdays. For September Ann had artists Carol Phillips and Jason Schneider. Following that I stopped at Zero Degrees and walked to Wintergreen Hill Gallery. Artist Steve Pelto was set up painting watercolors. If we stopped at Zero Degrees after 6:00 pm Log Jam was performing (they always bring the fun to third street). Before calling it for the night I had to see the other outlier of the evening, Gordon Gearhart. (I apologize to the locations I didn’t get to, I’ll have to make you a priority on my next visit).

It was an image of one of Gearhart’s pieces that motivated me to make it out of the house. The First Thursdays social media used an image of a large iron sculpture with deer skulls and bones. Taryn bait. Gearhart described to me walking the same small forest area and picking up skulls and bones after a particularly difficult winter in the mid-90’s. A conversation and connection I wouldn’t have made in another situation.

I made a list of links to the Marquette area artists and businesses I met/visited in September. Just for you to explore▪️

Nick Creative

Dustin Burkman

Rustico Furniture, Stella Larkin

Graci Gallery

William Thompson

Midsky Gallery

Ann Russ

Jason Schneider

Carol Phillips

Steve Pelto

Zero Degrees Gallery

Wintergreen Hill Gallery

Gordon Gearhart

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  1. Ann Russ

    Glad you enjoyed September’s pop-up at MidSky Taryn. Thanks for stopping by! Ann

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