Marquette Michigan Artists

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Marquette Visual Artists

NMU Art & Design Faculty

Woodworking Artists

Joe Rosten

Justin Savu

Shantina Hatfield

Michael Willard

Visual Artists

Stella Larkin

Ruby Miller

Russell Prather

Carrie Roberts

Illustration, Collage & Drawing

Jewelry & Metalsmiths

Oil, Acrylic, Encaustic & Watercolor Painting

Photography & Video

Glass, Ceramics & Pottery



Jason Limberg

Mindy Kantola

Bradley Blair

Digital & Graphic Arts

Fiber & Fabric Arts

Graci Gallery

Zero Degrees Artists

The Gallery: Marquette Artist Collective

Wintergreen Hill Gallery

I had a question, could I find my website on the internet as a potential customer looking for art. No. Looking for art in Marquette, MI? No. Were other artists in the community visible online? A few. The same artists had visibility for every keyword search I tried. I wondered how many visual artists were/are in the Marquette area. The answer: many more then have visibility. Hundreds. Marquette is rich with artists.

I ferreted out all the artists I could. I made a list and found websites or social media to link with. If I couldn’t find a public link, I chose to respect the artist’s choice for privacy and didn’t include them. I grouped them in a way that made sense to my thought process. I defined visual artist as someone creating an image or object that requires skill, knowledge and creativity.

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